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The Trusted Technology Partner for the Hospitality Industry

Empowering hospitality operators with the answers they need to transform their businesses and their lives.

Avero’s Philosophy

Better operations don’t come from the back office

We believe hospitality operators should be with their guests, food, staff, and families, not stuck in the back office.

The Right Answer

Data is useless without a deep understanding of restaurants. Our software is infused with true operations intelligence to solve problems restaurants face every day.

The Right Person

Chefs need different insights than GMs, bartenders, or event coordinators. Avero enables each user to see the answers most relevant to their role and responsibilities.

The Right Time

Don’t wait for things to get off track before course correcting. Avero anticipates the questions operators ask and delivers answers when they’re most effective.

Avero’s STORY

Built by hospitality operators—for hospitality operators

In 1997, while working as the CFO of an NYC restaurant group, Avero founder Damian Mogavero, was frustrated with his management team’s inability to answer basic questions about the restaurants’ performance. He wanted a better way to extract the data already being collected by the POS and to enable operators to use it to make better, faster, and more profitable decisions. In 2002, Avero was born.

One of Avero’s first customers was Gramercy Tavern, a NYC restaurant owned by Danny Meyer and boasting Tom Colicchio as the executive chef. And in 2002, Tom Colicchio brought Avero on the scene to Las Vegas for the first time. In 2003, Avero opened an office in Las Vegas. Today rapid growth in that market has led to Avero supporting nearly 90% of the casinos on The Strip.


In 2004, Michael Mina brought Avero to his restaurant in a Four Seasons Hotel. Today, 13 out of the top 15 hotel brands trust Avero to deliver the insights that keep their F&B profits high and operations running like clockwork.


In 2010 Avero introduced a new pricing model to allow the purchase of individual product modules to address a restaurant’s most pressing concerns without having to purchase the entire suite, bringing the power of Avero insights to independently operated restaurants of all sizes across the country.


Today, Avero has offices in Dallas, Las Vegas, Boulder, and NYC and is used by over 43,000 operators in 75 countries. And we always stay true to our mission: innovating technology to empower hospitality operators with the answers they need to transform their businesses and their lives.

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Avero’s Executives

Meet Avero’s Leadership Team

We pride ourselves on our hospitality experience coupled with our business and technology expertise to bring true innovation to restaurants of all sizes.

Douglas Hsieh
CEO & Founding board member
Robert Barracca
VP, Product Operations
Anthony Schaefer
VP, Sales and Revenue
Community Outreach

Giving Back to the Hospitality industry

New York, NY

Careers through the Culinary Arts Program

We wholeheartedly support the C-CAP mission of preparing underprivileged high school students for college and career opportunities in the hospitality industry. Each year, Avero sponsors two C-CAP students and their mentors for all-inclusive trip to NYC to learn from leading chefs, managers, and restaurateurs while experiencing some of the nation’s most progressive dining trends.

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Las Vegas, NV

Epicurean Charitable Foundation

We share the ECF’s commitment to enriching the lives of hospitality students passionate about a career in hospitality and/or culinary arts. From co-sponsoring various events throughout the year, to hosting a student on a tour through the best hospitality experiences NYC has to offer, we’re proud of our support for this great organization.

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