Avero for Casinos

Get F&B insights on par with your gaming analytics

Whether you’re walking the floor, checking on the nightclub, or greeting VIPs, with Avero insights in your pocket, you’ll be able to more accurately prep and staff for special events, minimize lost sales and waste, push higher item sales and more.

Performance Management Software

Perfect your F&B operations and grow total revenue with Avero

Avero helps optimize outlet occupancy, lower costs, and increase revenue by 3-5% making us the provider of choice for the international gaming market and 85% of casinos on the Las Vegas strip.

Deliver excellent F&B experiences

Attract customers to your casino by offering F&B experiences on par with the top restaurants in your area. Use Avero to optimize table and server performance, analyze hourly demand, and more, so your outlets contribute to your bottom line.

Run successful initiatives

Expect a strong return on investment when you leverage Avero’s hospitality expertise to achieve targeted initiatives like increasing server sales, reducing fraud, optimizing your menu performance, and other revenue-generating goals.

Communicate performance with clarity

Have more productive meetings with Avero running point. With both high-level and granular visibility into sales performance, historical business trends, and accurate benchmarking and forecasting, you’ll have a single source of truth to rally around.
The Main Course

Casino packages

We offer a robust, customizable package for every outlet in your casino, no matter the service style or sales volume. Choose the solutions that are right for your enterprise.

Full Service Package

Casinos with table service outlets use this package to increase sales, manage food costs, refine guest experiences, improve hourly revenue management, reduce labor costs, plus perfect promos and voids usage.

Buffet Package

Casinos with cashier-focused outlets such as quick serve counters and buffets rely on this package to increase sales and productivity, optimize labor management, improve profitability and perfect promotions.

Beverage Program Package

Casinos use our beverage package to optimize menus, staff to demand, and drive efficiency in bars, lounges, and on the casino floor. Leverage detailed performance metrics to generate higher sales and quicker turn times.
The Secret Sauce

Unique features

You can’t replicate Avero insights with flat POS reports or cumbersome back office solutions. Our unique hospitality intelligence is built into our DNA.

Data Quality Audit

Our unique approach to data extraction combined with our hospitality expertise deliver the insights that over 43,000 users rely on. Our focus on data quality provides the accuracy you need to make more profitable decisions.

Fraud Prevention

Avero helps protect your bottom line from employee theft and fraud by flagging suspicious timeclock punches, improper use of promo and void codes, and servers’ cash tip percentages in an apples to apples comparison.

Labor Optimization

Keep your labor costs as low as possible without sacrificing the guest experience by leveraging Avero’s insight into hourly demand and optimal staffing levels. Schedule efficiently to maintain the perfect ratio and avoid overtime.