Avero for Restaurants

Grow your restaurant’s revenue and improve operations

You can’t be everywhere at once, and with Avero you don’t have to be. View performance insights on every aspect of your restaurants’ operations to achieve goals like optimizing revenue, controlling costs, improving service, and replicating best practices across locations.

Performance Management Software

Put Avero’s game-changing insights to work for your restaurant

Avero helps independent restaurants and groups optimize operations for better demand forecasting, increased average check, simple food cost management, and more, making us the provider of choice for world-renowned chefs and restaurant groups, with over 43,000 users in 75 countries.

Deliver Excellent Guest Experiences

Every dining experience at your restaurant should exemplify your brand’s commitment to excellence. With Avero’s detailed insights, you’ll have a leg up on ensuring that every server in every location meets customer expectations and performs to your standards.

Run successful initiatives

With Avero, you’ll appreciate a strong return on investment for targeted initiatives to optimize your menu performance, reduce fraud and loss, increase server sales, and other revenue generating goals. Avero’s expertise is at your disposal so you have the support you need to succeed.

Communicate performance with clarity

Let Avero run point during your operational and stakeholder meetings. With both high-level and granular visibility into sales performance, detailed insight into historical business trends, and accurate benchmarking and forecasting, you’ll have an authoritative single source of truth to rally around.
Feature highlights

restaurant solutions

You can’t replicate Avero insights with flat POS reports or cumbersome back office solutions. Our unique hospitality intelligence is built into our DNA.

Mobile App

Manage your restaurant on the go, with our mobile app. Monitor real-time performance on any web-enabled device.

POS Flexibility

Mix and match POS systems or upgrade from one system to another without losing functionality or historical data.

Group Reporting

Instantly compare the performance of all your locations at once with one login. Group your outlets anyway you like.

Server Contests

Motivate servers to increase check averages and item sales with precise performance details and trackable sales contests.

Efficient Schedules

Leverage Avero’s insight into hourly demand and optimal staffing levels to maintain the perfect ratio and avoid overtime.

Fraud Prevention

Protect your bottom line from employee theft and fraud by flagging suspicious behaviors in an apples to apples comparison.

Informed Ordering

Order more intelligently with Avero’s trend reports. Use historical data to help predict what's selling and when to help control costs.

Prep Calculator

Empower your culinary team to prep and set up their kitchen line based on recent historical sales trends.

Menu Engineering

Maximize the profit and popularity of every menu item. Let Avero do the analysis while you perfect the product mix.